I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer focusing in web development with experience in JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have a passion for problem solving, testing, debugging, and writing highly efficient, readable code.

Whenever I get a the opportunity, I enjoy delving into and learning new programming languages and frameworks.

While I’m not coding, you can find me in New York with my camera photographing the wonderful city life!



A RESTful, single-page posting web application built with Rails, React.js and Redux which is inspired by Instagram. It utilizes AWS S3 to handle all of the uploaded content and data flow is controlled by a JSON API.

Joey P's Path Finder

A path finding JavaScript program which utilizes the A* Algorithm to calculate the shortest path. This program can also be easily integrated into other apps for point and click behavior with collision avoidance.

eDOM (easyDOM)

A lightweight and streamlined JavaScript DOM manipulation program that allows users to make changes to the DOM easily with less lines of code.